The purpose of the Planning & Zoning Code is to promote and uphold the public health, safety, general welfare and morals of the City through regulation of the use of land and of the type, size, and use of structures.  Specifically these purposes include:

  • Establish districts of such classification and number to implement any applicable plans, including the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan and Thoroughfare Plan, that encourages the most appropriate uses of the land and guides the future development of the City.
  • Ensure and encourage the most appropriate use of land to stabilize and preserve property values, to protect against congested and unsafe traffic conditions, to provide safety from hazards such as fire, flood, water and air contamination, and to guarantee adequate light and air and open space to all residents of the City.

  • Encourage compatibility between different land uses and protect the scale and character of existing development from the encroachment of incompatible uses.

  • Preserve unique historical and/or natural features of structures or land within the City.

  • Regulate and restrict the location, bulk, height, design and land coverage of buildings to protect the character and value of the City’s residential, business, industrial, institutional and recreational areas.

  • Regulate the area and dimension of lots, yards and other open spaces.

  • Regulate and limit the density of population to prevent overcrowding of the land and excessive concentration of the population.

  • Ensure efficient traffic circulation, manage congestion on the streets and improve public safety by locating buildings and uses adjacent to streets in such a manner that they will cause the least interference with, and be damaged least by, traffic movements.

  • Facilitate development of land uses according to a comprehensive design that ensures the availability of and provision for adequate traffic capacity, water and sewer service, schools, public parklands and other such public facilities.

  • Provide regulations, standards and procedures for the administration, amendment and enforcement of the Planning & Zoning Code.

Official Zoning Map
January 1, 2010 Zoning Map (9 MB)

Delaware County Detailed Zoning

Delaware County Auditor

Planning & Zoning Code
Link to the Codified Ordinances (external searchable link - Part Eleven is the Planning & Zoning Code)

Downtown Historic District Overlay Map
January 1, 2010 Downtown Historic District Overlay Map (<1 MB)

Architectural Standards
Architectural Standards for the Downtown Historic District Overlay (2 MB)

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