Parks, Skate Park and Bike Paths

The 13,000-square foot skate park facility at Mingo Park addresses the needs of skaters, bikers and bladers, regardless of their skill level. The skate park is open dawn to dusk, weather permitting.

Fishing is available year-round (weather permitting) at Blue Limestone, Smith Park and Mingo Parks. Blue Limestone park is stocked annually in the spring by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. A fishing license is required and all local and state codes and regulations will be enforced.

In addition to our expanding multi-use path network, a number of parks have trails. Smith Park trail measures 1.1 miles, Mingo Park trail is 1 mile, Carson Farms trail is .4 miles, Kensington Trail is .5 miles and Stratford Woods trail is .5 miles. The indoor Recreation Center in Mingo Park is also open for walking during inclement weather at 7:30 am on weekdays. Thirteen laps around the gym is equal to 1 mile.

Renting or Reserving a Park Facility

Visit one of our Parks

Belle Ave Park - 2 acres
Belle Ave. from S. Sandusky St.

Blue Limestone Park - 16 acres
King Ave. from W. William St.

Carson Farms Park - 6 acres
Plowington Dr. at Rockmill

Cheshire Park - 4 acres
Cheshire Rd. and Braumiller Rd.

Bicentennial Park  - 3 acres
Park Ave. at Washington St.

Eastside Park - 3.5 acres
Rheem St. off Kurley St. from E. William St

Hidden Valley Golf Course
580 W. William St

Kensington Place Park - 15 acres
Ashburn Dr. & Ferguson Ave

Lexington Glen Park - 6 acres
Providence Ln. from Lexington Blvd

Lincoln Field - 2 acres
W. Lincoln Ave from Euclid Ave

Locust Curve Park - 5 acres
Off Locust Curve Drive

Glenn Ross Park - 7.29 Acres
Off Ballater Drive - 400 ft pathway through park

Marvin Lane Park - 1.5 acres
Delaware Meadows from Vaughn Rd.

Mingo Park - 50 acres -1.1 mile exercise trail
E. Lincoln Ave. from N. Sandusky St.

Nottingham Park - 5 acres
Buehler Dr. & Hyde Park Ln.

Oakhurst Park - 3.5 acres
Bruce Rd. from Hills Miller Rd.

Riverview Park - 25 acres
3080 Route 23 N.

Ross Street Park - 1.5 acres
50 Ross Street

Shelbourne Forest Park- 5 acres
Executive Blvd. past Orchard Canyon

Smith Park - 50 acres
Troy Road - 1.1 mile exercise trail

Stratford Woods Park - 15 acres
Liberty Rd. at Hawthorn Dr.

Sunnyview PPG Park - 5 acres
Rock Creek Dr. from W. William St.

Wetlands Park - 45 acres
Off Mill Run Crossing - .8 mile exercise trail

Houk Park 15 acres
Off Houk Road - 1.17 mile trail