U.S. 23-Pennsylvania Avenue Interchange

The U.S. 23/Pennsylvania Avenue interchange was built in the 1960s as a partial movement interchange to save costs and promote traffic through the downtown. As traffic volume has increased over the years, this interchange has become inadequate to move traffic safely and efficiently. This configuration does not allow northbound U.S. 23 traffic to exit onto Pennsylvania Avenue and traffic from Pennsylvania Avenue cannot enter southbound U.S. 23.

Spring 2012 Update:
Survey crews will be working in the area of the U.S. 23-Pennsylvania Avenue interchange as initial work continues on converting the interchange from partial access to full access operation. The project has received the necessary state and federal authorization to advance to the next phase. Survey work will be performed by the project consultant, ms consultants. Construction would likely not begin until 2014 or 2015. The project cost, expected to be around $3.5 million, will be shared by the City and the State of Ohio.

Preferred Alternative (PDF)
The Sandusky Street Extension was selected after significant analysis and public input in fall 2006.  The proposed interchange arrangement involves constructing an extension of Sandusky Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to U.S. 23. This extension creates a two-way street from what is now the southbound exit ramp and will end at a new signalized, at-grade intersection on U.S. 23. Pennsylvania Avenue traffic traveling north to U.S. 23 will continue to use the existing bridge and entrance ramp. Northbound U.S. 23 motorists would be able to turn onto the new connector at the partially signalized intersection. Additionally, reconstruction of the bridge over U.S. 23 would not be required.

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