Building Codes & Specifications

As a general rule, all new construction, alterations, improvements, and replacements require approval of a permit prior to the start of construction. This includes additions, decks, HVAC replacements/alterations, replacement roofs, water heater replacement, and electric service upgrades to name a few. Following permit approval inspections will be made throughout the construction process including following completion.    It is our goal to keep all buildings in the City of Delaware are safe.   Please contact us to discuss your project, the approval and inspection process, and how we can help make your project a safe success. 

Building Codes
The City of Delaware, through the State of Ohio, has adopted the building standards listed below for all construction within the City.  Although search limited, free full copies of these codes can be found on the International Code Council website

NEC 2011
Residential Code of Ohio -2013

Submittal & CONSTRUCTION Specifications
Below is basic specification information for the most common permit types.  Please review these specifications prior to submitting a permit application.  While there still may be additional information required or conditions of approval, following these specifications will assist Staff in the timely review of your permit. 

For any construction that is outside the walls of an existing structure, you must include a scaled plot plan or survey of the property with the permit application clearly marking the location of the improvement such as a deck, fence, pool, or addition.  Generally you can find a plot plan or survey included with your mortgage documents.  Be sure to make a full size, to scale copy and do not submit your original copy.  If you cannot locate a copy of a plot plan or survey, you can, as a last resort, submit a GIS image printed from the Delaware County Auditor's Office DALIS website with the improvement location clearly marked.  Please note that this GIS image is not a substitute for a survey and is used for reference only.  If Staff is unable to adequately determine that the applicable code requirements are met you may be required to submit a survey. 

If you have any questions regarding construction specifications or submittal requirements please contact us.

Basement Finish/Remodeling
Downtown Sidewalk Furniture Guidelines
Garage and Room Addition
Public Way Requirements
Roof and Re-roof
Spa and Hot Tub
Swimming Pool


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